Mary (28) Fear of Flying

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Mary (28) Fear of FlyingDavid (38) Fear of Public SpeakingMark (50) Fear of Presentations & Giving Speeches

Mary, Mother of Two, 28: Fear of Flying

“I did it, and I made it home. Once I got in the plane I was better. After my take off and everything was ok, I was ok. I am ready to do it again!”


Like so many of our clients Mary experienced total 100% success.

But when she came to CTRN, Mary was really afraid of flying. She had been experiencing serious anxiety and panic attacks. Naturally what she wanted instead was to feel calm and peaceful about getting on the plane – to feel excited and happy about her upcoming vacation.

Working with CTRN, Mary’s fear and anxiety about flying were eliminated and all her limitations were removed. Mary is now able to enjoy her success, her flying and therefore her vacation.


Mary, a mother of two, and happily married, wanted to take a vacation with her family but she encountered fear, anxiety, and panic attacks. She did not want to be afraid of flying. She recently had accessed help from medical professionals to help overcome her problem. Mary had previously had some medical problems, family concerns, and earlier separation anxiety.

Mary had also some issues about negative thinking that needed to be addressed. She seemed emotionally detatched – unaffected by her life and experience – yet she desperately desired to be free of her fear of flying.

Through the CTRN VIP program Mary successfully removed her fear of flying and was able to take her vacation calm, at peace, and yet excited. True success.


Mary had always been anxious about flying, especially after “9-11” when the fear became panic attacks. She said that she possibly could fly in an emergency but it was her need to fly very soon on her holiday that was her concern.

With just the thought of flying Mary would experience tightness of chest and shoulders, she would find breathing hard, and feel an overall numbness.

Mary prior to her flight she would see the plane like in the TV Series “Lost”, shaking and breaking up.

She would say to herself – “Oh no – what’s going to happen. Try to shake it off”. Mary then immediately feels a panic attack. Then she would say to herself -“I can’t do that to myself. I am not getting on the plane. I’m never going to do that.” She takes a walk, drinks some water, trying to reduce her panic.

Just the thought of taking a vacation and the anxiety increased. Looking at destinations, airports, even searching the internet for vacations, all generated her fear.

Mary had recently experienced a really bad flight where she lost control of herself, and she was crying and shaking, but she eventually got on the flight only by being medicated.

She would know that she was over the problem when she was on the plane or on the internet searching for holiday destinations, booking flights, and all of this with no bad pictures in her mind.


In the VIP program we helped her to understand exactly how her mind directly influences her body chemistry. Her thoughts, verbal language, her body language, all needed to be turned around to reinforce her intentions and outcome, flying.

Her problem was all in her mind deeply buried in her memory banks so that is where we needed to go. What she thought about felt like a reality as her mind could not tell between what was real and what was imagination therefore her behaviour was appropriate according to her imagination.

We have an automatic mechanism within all of us that causes us to run from danger whether that is real or perceived as real, as with imagination.

As is common with most clients Mary had a lot of past unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, anxiety, were all permeated her life and history as far back as when she was a child.

We worked with Mary to ‘rewire’ her mind so that the beliefs that so limited her such as “I am too scared to fly” “I don’t want to do it” no longer held any grip on her. Like any parent she was also concerned what would happen to her children if something happened to her – but had multiplied that concern out of all proportion. She would say “I am definitely never doing that again”.

And after she experienced a very bad flight. Her fear hit a new and higher level.

Mary had a tendency to let her mind go down the negative pathways of thinking and history that created a very distorted view of her reality. She needed to work extensively on her self -talk and imagination, and the way she interpreted what was going on in her immediate vicinity. Mary had a way of obsessing on the negatives relentlessly. The solution? Obsess on the positives instead and even stronger.

Via our CTRN processes she built a new mindset that creates a compelling drive within her to want to fly.

Mary practised several new techniques to keep her feeling resourceful and in a great state to fly and travel. She was then to practice these processes and apply them to her life over the following 21 days which she did.

Fear, panic, and anxiety totally disappeared. She felt calm and at peace about getting on planes. In fact she felt excited and happy about her up and coming vacation which she later completed successfully through the specialist work of CTRN.


Soon after, we received Mary’s results of her flight and vacation by email and by phone: 100% success.

“I did it, and I made it home. Once I got in the plane I was better. After my take off and everything was ok, I was ok. I am ready to do it again!”

Mary (28) Fear of FlyingDavid (38) Fear of Public SpeakingMark (50) Fear of Presentations & Giving Speeches

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