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One of the world’s most effective programs for overcoming phobia of foreign languages, Vanquish Fear & Anxiety immerses you in the most effective techniques we teach our ‘VIP’ clients and at our advanced Seminars. (Learn more about the ‘VIP’ Program)

If you have been living with xenoglossophobia, now is the time to learn how easily you can now be free.

VIP clients of ours pay thousands of dollars to work with us, because they have discovered that as soon as you no longer feel Fear (and other negative emotions) about your past, you will feel completely different about today, and tomorrow.

The Vanquish Fear and Anxiety Program for Phobia of Foreign Languages

Now, for the first time, we are offering Vanquish Fear & Anxiety – the remarkable Home Study Program that teaches the same powerful and fast techniques our Seminar and VIP clients enjoy, at a fraction of the investment.

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You’ve no risk: if at any time in the future – that’s ANY time in the future – you decide the program isn’t for you, let us know and we’ll repay you every penny you paid for it. (And of course you can keep the bonus materials as our thank you for checking it out.)

That’s right. Just as with our Seminar and VIP programs we are totally committed to your success, so we make the following unconditional lifetime guarantee of this product:

"If at any time in your life you don’t think the material in this program is worth ten times the purchase price, contact us for an immediate refund… you won’t even have to pay for return shipping!"

The Entertaining, Informative and Results-Oriented way to Overcome Phobia of Foreign Languages:

  • The secret even most doctors don’t know of how a fear or phobia like phobia of foreign languages actually works
  • How to develop complete control over your emotions
  • How others have overcome their fears, and how they did it
  • Five Steps to Feel Confidence, Calm, Happiness
  • Six Steps to Overcome Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt… AND Anxiety

Vanquish Fear & Anxiety is Perfect For You… Especially if You Are:

  • Sick of Phobia of Foreign Languages
  • Self-motivated, and happy to work at your own pace in the privacy of your own home
  • Concerned about discretion. Our new convenience pack fits the entire program complete with workbook into a neat double-DVD box (about the size of a paperback book), so you can easily pop it in a briefcase or handbag
  • Ready to devote several hours of active, focused time (over a few days, or a few weeks) to complete the program successfully
  • New! Quickstart: Vanquish Fear & Anxiety is for you if you are keen to get started right away! Seconds after your order is securely processed you will be taken to an exclusive clients-only area of our website allowing you to download the workbook and start the first part of the program immediately you order

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Here’s how it works: once you complete the program, all we ask is that you take 3 minutes to fill in a quick online form, then call our Telephone Feedback Hotline to let us know just how well you got on with the program. more...

We have deliberately made it fast and easy. No forms to mail in. Just give us your feedback… and we’ll send you $99 by return!

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The Ideal Program: Accelerated and Compact

Most CD programs you see advertised with dozens of CDs never get completed, because the amount of material is too great.

With Vanquish Fear & Anxiety, we’ve packed the most powerful techniques we teach our xenoglossophobic clients onto just 3 CDs (along with dozens of smaller, yet important distinctions) . What’s more with our ‘convenience’ edition the entire program comes in a stylish, compact DVD-sized package thats ideal for travel, or carrying in a handbag or briefcase.

Worldwide Acclaim

globalDesigned specifically for people with Phobia of Foreign Languages, and considered by many to be the premier english language program of its kind today, Vanquish Fear & Anxiety has now helped countless people from over 70 countries worldwide:

Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Benin, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cyprus,Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana,Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russian Federation, St Lucia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela & Vietnam…

A Quicker Kinder Solution

If you want dozens of CDs don’t buy this program now. There are certainly programs available with dozens of tapes or CDs (that most people never have time to listen to) that endlessly talk about the problem. We prefer a quicker, kinder solution.

If you want to overcome Phobia of Foreign Languages quickly, using the safest, fastest, most trusted and modern techniques this is the program for you:

  • 14 Chapter, 3 CD Set

  • Detailed 94 Page 24-Hour Program Self-Help Workbook Manual

  • Delivered in Unmarked Packaging

Faster Results

  • The only Home Study Course to help Phobia of Foreign Languages which can guarantee overwhelming results in just 24 hours

  • Utilizes the advanced techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy™

  • Tackle not the symptoms, but the root underlying causes of fear, stress and anxiety to make change rapidly, safely, and permanently

  • Understand how fears, anxieties and phobias are created

  • Develop your understanding of the human nervous system, and how advanced techniques can help you make rapid change where ‘counseling’ and ‘therapy’ and other ‘self-help kits’University of California may take months, or even years

  • Based on techniques developed at the University of California and perfected through extensive research with hundreds of thousands of phobia and anxiety sufferers worldwide.


  • All our programs are based on techniques developed with the assistance of hundreds of thousands of successful clients.

  • Our techniques are safe, and involve no drugs. You will learn processes which help you develop control over the same stimulus/response mechanism which you naturally use every day of your life.

Start Immediately

As soon as your order is processed in our shopping cart, you can begin your download immediately, so you can start getting rid of Phobia of Foreign Languages right now.

The contents of CD number one, which lays the foundations for change, are available online to listen to, even as the full program downloads.

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… and you are just one minute from the beginning of the end of Phobia of Foreign Languages…

* after Special Rebate

Two Emmy-Award Winning Journalists…
A Seven Time World Champion Athlete…

Independent reviewers and users love this program!

Whether they are top journalists, athletes, CEOs or just ordinary people like you and me, people love this program.

Here’s what people are saying about Vanquish Fear & Anxiety:

Rick Sanchez"I can attest to the fact that this man can help you…

…if you have some things that are disturbing you. Even if they’re not phobias, this man can help!"

Rick Sanchez Miami, FL, USA
Emmy Award Winning Journalist and Host of The Rick Sanchez Show on NBC in Florida

Steve Adubato"This is good stuff. It is valuable it is relevant it is practical…

…and it can turn your life around and help you deal with those fears and those phobias [clicks his fingers] just like that."

Steve Adubato Montclair, NY, USA
5-time Emmy Award-winning television anchor, author, motivational speaker, university lecturer, syndicated columnist.

(It’s a great accolade from Steve. Just like you, he found us on the web, ordered this program, and was so impressed he invited us onto his show.)

Shelly Taylor-Smith"CTRN has the best techniques on the planet for helping you  make the changes you need…

It’s incalculable what this is worth… I can only say many — many — times the investment."
     Shelley Taylor-Smith
      7-time World Marathon
      Swimming Champion

1"I’m a clinical psychologist, and the author of ‘Opening Love´s Door’.

The Vanquish Fear & Anxiety CD set is a very powerful tool and I highly recommend it. It’s a tool that can help you break free of the anxieties fear and other negative emotions that keep you from living life full-out. The work is based on techniques that produce very rapid change ­ and I highly recommend it."

New York, NY, USA
Clinical Psychologist

is a regular on television, radio and print media. She has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, Sally Jessie Raphael and PBS radio and been interviewed or quoted in The New York Times, USA Today, Time Magazine, The New York Post, The LA Times, Cosmopolitan, and US magazine.

23"I am very grateful to have found your program!

I must admit I was skeptical, but I now believe. It’s amazing that I now have control of my reaction to any environment. No longer anxious, I feel a sense of relief, not only in my mind, but also in my body. Even my neck and shoulders seem free. I have let go of so much baggage that I was not aware I harbored. Thank you!!!!!! I’ve exhaled…"

T. M. South Pasadena, CA, USA

4"This program has done wonders for me.

As I went through them and did what you instructed on the CDs, I was amazed at how quickly and easily that I was able to get over some of my fears and take more control of my life. I can now do things that I was not able to do before, easily. I don’t get those butterflies in my stomach for very long. I don’t get scared doing things like I did before, specifically from Claustrophobia. I go into situations like that now much calmer. It was amazing to me how easy it was to make some big changes in my life. I do recommend the program. I have already got a friend interested in getting it and I think its wonderful."

Jeana R Crawfordsville, IN, USA

5" Thank you for the tremendous CD´s.

I developed several phobias recently following the death of my father. They included claustrophobia as well as fear of waiting. These both affected my ability to work since I am in sales and tend to travel on planes a lot. After listening to the CD’s I have noticed surprisingly an increase in my overall sense of well being as well as an increased confidence to be able to handle these phobic situations as they occur.

G. K. Montvale, NJ, USA

Download Now $137     Buy Now $147

Here’s What you’ll learn, in detail:

CD One

CD One is your entertaining, fast-paced introduction to the fascinating concepts underlying rapid change! Phobia Clinic President Seymour Segnit gives you the background and understanding you need in order to Vanquish Phobia of Foreign Languages… now:

CD Two

CD Two unveils your nervous system’s best kept secret. Anchoring is your automatic, in-built ability to link powerful emotions (positive or negative) to any kind of trigger. It’s why a certain piece of music or a smell can bring feelings and memories flooding back… and you’ll learn how to use this natural ability at will to transform your feelings from Phobia of Foreign Languages to feeling completely free …!

CD Number Three

CD Number Three teaches you one of the most powerful techniques ever devised for rapid change. Time Line Therapy™ techniques allow you to release the negative emotions associated with past events quickly and permanently, so you can feel good about today and tomorrow. If you feel any level of anger or fear when you think about the past, you MUST listen to this CD…

View Detailed Table of Contents Now

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"If at any time in your life you don’t think the material on these CDs is worth ten times the purchase price, contact us for an immediate refund… you won’t even have to pay for return shipping!"

Vanquish Fear & Anxiety
The rewarding, fast way to…
Overcome Phobia of Foreign Languages


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