A-Z Fears & Phobias List: B

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A-Z Fears & Phobias List: B

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Phobia List Search: B

A list of fears, phobias and anxieties beginning with “B”

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Bacteria Fear
Bacteria Phobia
Bad Men Fear
Bad Men Phobia
Bad Odor Fear
Bad Odor Phobia
Bad Smell Fear
Bad Smell Phobia
Bald Fear
Bald People Fear
Bald People Phobia
Bald Phobia
Balding Fear
Balding Phobia
Baldness Fear
Baldness Phobia
Balloon Fear
Balloon Phobia
Balloons Phobia
Bathing Fear
Bathing Phobia
Battle Fear
Battle Phobia
Beard Fear
Beard Phobia
Beards Fear
Beards Phobia
Bearing a Deformed Child Fear
Bearing a Deformed Child Phobia
Beaten by a Rod Fear
Beaten by a Rod Phobia
Beaten Fear
Beaten Phobia
Beautiful Women Fear
Beautiful Women Phobia
Becoming Angry Fear
Becoming Angry Phobia
Becoming Bald Fear
Becoming Bald Phobia
Becoming Ill Fear
Becoming Ill Phobia
Becoming Insane Fear
Becoming Insane Phobia
Bed Bugs Fear
Bed Bugs Phobia
Bed Fear
Bed Phobia
Bee Fear
Bee Phobia
Bees Fear
Bees Phobia
Beggars Fear
Beggars Phobia
Being Accidentally Poisoned Fear
Being Alone Fear
Being Alone Phobia
Being Bound Fear
Being Bound Phobia
Being Buried Alive Fear
Being Buried Alive Phobia
Being Buried Phobia
Being by Oneself Fear
Being by Oneself Phobia
Being Close to High Buildings Fear
Being Close to High Buildings Phobia
Being Constipated Fear
Being Constipated Phobia
Being Contagious Fear
Being Contagious Phobia
Being Contaminated by Dirt Fear
Being Contaminated by Dirt Phobia
Being Contaminated by Germs Fear
Being Contaminated by Germs Phobia
Being Criticized Fear
Being Criticized Phobia
Being Dependent Upon Others Fear
Being Dependent Upon Others Phobia
Being Dirty Fear
Being Dirty Phobia
Being Eaten Fear
Being Eaten Phobia
Being Enclosed Fear
Being Enclosed Phobia
Being Evaluated Negatively in Social Situations Fear
Being Evaluated Negatively in Social Situations Phobia
Being Forgotten Fear
Being Forgotten Phobia
Being Hypnotized Fear
Being Hypnotized Phobia
Being Ignored Fear
Being Ignored Phobia
Being in Houses Fear
Being in Houses Phobia
Being in Love Fear
Being in Love Phobia
Being Infested With Worms Fear
Being Infested With Worms Phobia
Being Insane Fear
Being Insane Phobia
Being Left-Handed Fear
Being Left-Handed Phobia
Being Locked in an Enclosed Space Fear
Being Locked in an Enclosed Space Phobia
Being Locked in Enclosed Spaces Fear
Being Locked in Enclosed Spaces Phobia
Being Locked in Small Spaces Fear
Being Locked in Small Spaces Phobia
Being Lonely Fear
Being Lonely Phobia
Being Looked At Fear
Being Looked At Phobia
Being Naked Fear
Being Naked Phobia
Being Obese Fear
Being Obese Phobia
Being Oneself Fear
Being Oneself Phobia
Being Poisoned Fear
Being Poisoned Phobia
Being Rained On Fear
Being Rained On Phobia
Being Raped Fear
Being Raped Phobia
Being Ridiculed Fear
Being Ridiculed Phobia
Being Robbed Fear
Being Robbed Phobia
Being Scratched Fear
Being Scratched Phobia
Being Seen Fear
Being Seen Phobia
Being Sexually Abused Fear
Being Sexually Abused Phobia
Being Shocked Fear
Being Shocked Phobia
Being Single Fear
Being Single Phobia
Being Smothered Fear
Being Smothered Phobia
Being Social Fear
Being Social Phobia
Being Stared At Fear
Being Stared At Phobia
Being Stung Fear
Being Stung Phobia
Being Tickled by Feathers Fear
Being Tickled by Feathers Phobia
Being Tickled Fear
Being Tickled Phobia
Being Tied Up Fear
Being Tied Up Phobia
Being Tired Fear
Being Tired Phobia
Being Touched Fear
Being Touched Phobia
Being Vaccinated Fear
Being Vaccinated Phobia
Being Wealthy Fear
Being Wealthy Phobia
Belief Fear
Belief Phobia
Beliefs Fear
Beliefs Phobia
Best Mans Speech Nerves
Bicycle Fear
Bicycle Phobia
Bicycles Fear
Bicycles Phobia
Bike Fear
Bike Phobia
Bikes Fear
Bikes Phobia
Bird Fear
Bird Phobia
Birds Fear
Birds Phobia
Birth Fear
Birth Phobia
Black Color Fear
Black Color Phobia
Black Fear
Black Phobia
Blackness Fear
Blackness Phobia
Bleeding Nose Fear
Bleeding Nose Phobia
Blind Fear
Blind Phobia
Blindness Fear
Blindness in the Visual Field Fear
Blindness in the Visual Field Phobia
Blindness Phobia
Blood Fear
Blood Phobia
Blushing Fear
Blushing Phobia
Bodily Odor Fear
Bodily Odor Phobia
Bodily Smells Fear
Bodily Smells Phobia
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Body Odor Fear
Body Odor Phobia
Bogeyman Fear
Bogeyman Phobia
Bogies Fear
Bogies Phobia
Bolshevick Fear
Bolshevick Phobia
Bolsheviks Fear
Bolsheviks Phobia
Boogey Monster Anxiety
Boogey Monster Fear
Boogey Monster Nightmares
Boogey Monster Phobia
Boogeyman Anxiety
Boogeyman Fear
Boogeyman Nightmares
Boogeyman Phobia
Boogyman Anxiety
Boogyman Fear
Boogyman Nightmares
Boogyman Phobia
Book Fear
Book Phobia
Books Fear
Books Phobia
Bound Fear
Bound Phobia
Bowel Pain Fear
Bowel Pain Phobia
Brain Disease Fear
Brain Disease Phobia
Bridge Fear
Bridge Phobia
Bridges Fear
Bridges Phobia
Bug Fear
Bug Phobia
Bugs that cause Itching Fear
Bugs that cause Itching Phobia
Bull Fear
Bull Phobia
Bullet Fear
Bullet Phobia
Bullets Fear
Bullets Phobia
Bulls Fear
Bulls Phobia
Bum Fear
Bum Phobia
Bums Fear
Bums Phobia
Burglar Fear
Burglar Phobia
Burglars Fear
Burglars Phobia
Buried Alive Fear
Buried Alive Phobia
Bury Alive Fear
Bury Alive Phobia