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Vanquish Fear & Anxiety

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Our program is very simple and generous – it’s designed to make it easy for you to earn the maximum commissions when people invest in our products and services.

The beauty of this program is that the product – the Vanquish Fear & Anxiety home study program really does make an amazing difference in people’s lives.

So you get to make some money while making a real difference…

Here’s why it works. CTRN: Change That’s Right Now offers an acclaimed personal one-one-one service working with clients around the world. This highly successful program gives us the credibility to carry high sales of our flagship product Vanquish Fear & Anxiety in Just 24 Hours.

This program is incredibly popular, with an industry-leading purchase rate and very low returns, and almost overnight it has become the key profit-driver for us. Now you get to earn excellent money from its sales…

Now you”ll even get commissions when a sale comes thanks to an affiliate who found us through you. So the commissions are a full $43.50 on Tier one and another 10% on SUPER-TIER 2!

Generous Commission Levels

US$ Price
Vanquish Fear & Anxiety
Home Study Program
$ 147

Other info you’ll want to know:

  • Commissions calculated in real time
  • Minimum check amount is only $20.
  • Cookies are set never to expire (the most recent referrer prevails)

Last year one of our team generated over $250,000 in sales. Imagine how much passive income you can generate by signing up others!

This can be a very nice stream of extra passive income for you… AND there is no upper limit on commissions, so you can earn as much as you want from this program.

So sign up now, tell everyone you know about us – there”s a good chance you”ll quickly get some Regular Tier 1 commissions from that – then ask them to tell everyone they know and hopefully one or two will decide this is a good idea and get busy…

So sign up now. Its free and with a little effort could be a nice source of extra income…

SPAM: A quick note about spam. Everyone is fed up with spam email and there are now some tough new laws so we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for spam. Its clogging up the web, and the new laws mean that sending or condoning spam is basically suicide for any legitimate business. Bottom Line?: Any affiliate who doesn”t use appropriate marketing on and off the internet will immediately be suspended, required
to pay damages and ineligible to receive any unpaid commissions.

One final note. The affiliate tracking program is an automated system using cookies. It will track all sales that are made on our site through our shopping cart, provided that cookies and other required technologies are working properly (they usually are). Our system cannot record sales made by telephone or other means. Not all products included in the program will be available for purchase on our site at all times, but of course we plan to add additional products to the program in the coming months.

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Remember… it”s free to join our client referral affiliate program and there”s no obligation.

You”ll just receive the information you need to earn commissions via email, and you can remove yourself from the emails and the program (and indeed our entire database) at any time.

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