Stage Fright. Are You Asking Yourself Questions that Help or Hinder?

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The way you feel at any moment in time depends on just two things: your focus (what are you thinking about) and physiology (what’s going on with your body).

Today’s is a focus tip – what to do with your mind to move it into a more empowering stage.

Questions – the ones we ask others and the ones we ask ourselves – are unbelievably powerful. Any good sales person knows that you ask lots of questions, because questions engage the mind.  But they also DIRECT the mind – so you need to be careful what you ask!

The problem is that most of us ask really lousy questions when it comes to public speaking. Like “What happens if I screw up? What happens if they hate me?” And then we come up with answers like “Oh my God, I won’t get the promotion. They’ll demote me. They’ll fire me.”

Well, then ask a better question: “What happens if I knock it out of the park?”  It’s just as relevant a question… Watch today’s short video and leave a comment.

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