A-Z Fears & Phobias List: J

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A-Z Fears & Phobias List: J

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Phobia List Search: J

A list of fears, phobias and anxieties beginning with “J”

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Japan Fear
Japan Phobia
Japanese Culture Fear
Japanese Culture Phobia
Japanese Fear
Japanese Phobia
Jealous Fear
Jealous Phobia
Jealousness Fear
Jealousness Phobia
Jealousy Fear
Jealousy Phobia
Joint Immobility Fear
Joint Immobility Phobia
Joy Fear
Joy Phobia
Jump Fear
Jump Phobia
Jumping Fear
Jumping from High Places Fear
Jumping from High Places Phobia
Jumping from Low Places Fear
Jumping from Low Places Phobia
Jumping Phobia
Justice Fear
Justice Phobia