The Natural Fear-Free State of Calm...

Hakula, is the natural state of optimal human performance. It is the opposite of the tunnel-vision-fear state many have experienced, because it creates a feeling of calm, and enables the greatest perspective and flexibility of behavior and response.

It is so powerful it is one of the key tools we teach our one-on-one clients in our VIP program.

How to Practice Hakula

Pick a spot on the wall, somewhere higher than eye level, around the center of your field of vision. Now, as you focus on that spot, notice that within a matter of seconds you can easily see things in your peripheral vision. If you take all of your attention and focus totally on that spot on the wall, notice that you can actually… see things in your periferal vision.

You may find that you can now see a full 180 degrees. Staying focused on that spot, raise your hands in front of your face, then draw them around to the sides of your head and notice just how far you can see – you'll find it is around 180 deg from one side all the way around to the other.

Now notice that you can shift your attention down onto an object in front of you, and maintain your full peripheral awareness as you speak, present, perform.

(This state of focus-with-peripheral-awareness was named 'Hakula' by the ancient people of Hawaii).

When to use Hakula

Hakula is perfect for the kinds of situations in which you used to experience fear because it shifts the mind into a state where it is 'contextually all-aware'. In this state, negative emotions such as fear are reduced or eliminated, because whatever we focus on is perceived in a broader context.

Typically with our clients, we find that if clients think about a problem, then shift into Hakula, the problem immediately seems trivial. Often, the fear can be immediately reduced in this way, thus:

Using Hakula to Overcome Fear

Allow yourself to go into Hakula by focusing on a spot on the wall, and allowing your awareness to spread to your peripheral vision. Feeling the intense calm of this state, squeeze your left fist tight for 10 seconds. (This is called an anchor. We'll tell you more about anchoring in our VIP Program and our Home Study Program).

Now return to normal.

Squeeze your fist and think about your old fear, and as you do so focus on a spot and go back into Hakula. You will find that now it feels a lot better. Stay in this state for 20 seconds or so.

Now return to normal. You'll find you feel far far better about the problem.

Always go into Hakula before going into the kinds of situations where you used to experience the fear. When perfected it will allow you to maintain a calm state throughout.

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