A Powerful, Rapid Method for
Re-Wiring the way You Feel...

An incantation is like a supercharged affirmation. It is a present-tense, positive, empowering statement of the way you want things to be...

Said with zeal and passion, and ideally whilst moving incantations are an incredible tool for fast human change.

You already know that the problem isn't just in the mind, because you experienced it in your body, so it makes sense to be engaging the body when working on the solution. It also dramatically speeds up the effectiveness of the change.

Pick just a few you really like from the list on the self-suggestion tape page, or make up your own.

Then go for a run, bounce on a trampoline, or just stand in a room with the doors and windows closed, and say the phrases over and over again with variety and intense passion! To do this effectively you need to go right outside your normal comfort zone – but that's not to say you shouldn't have a lot of fun. Goof it up. Say each one a slightly different way each time, with slightly different emphasis. Say them fast, slow, determined, sultry, passionately, informatively, humorously… you get the idea. This will help your mind to 'wire' it in in a variety of different ways.

Clients find that a well-chosen incantation repeated several dozen to several hundred times a day can help them make major changes fast.