Anxiety is very seriously impacting your quality of life.

Whether or not you choose to work with us, it is critical that you take steps to overcome it now.

The good news is that with that commitment you will overcome it quickly and completely provided you use the right techniques…

Based on the answers you gave, we would categorize the fear & anxiety you are experiencing as severe.

This is a major problem for you that is producing totally unnecessary anxiety, and it is taking a serious toll on your working and personal relationships as well as your career and your overall quality of life.

  • Does that sound right? If not, see our comments for more moderate cases.

Drugs are usually prescribed by doctors for serious cases of this kind, although this attempts to addresses the symptoms rather than the root cause of the problem: the conscious thoughts and unconscious associations to what you fear which trigger the fear response. (If you have been prescribed drugs you should work closely with the prescribing physician before stopping.)

The fear is in fact the correct response to the perceived danger. The root cause of the problem is the powerful automatic pattern of negative thinking which causes the nervous system to perceive extreme danger around what you fear.

A fear response of this magnitude seems ‘hard-wired’, so no amount of breathing and positive thinking will fully and permanently overcome the fear. It’s a powerful conditioned response, and must be approached accordingly.

Complete Program to Overcome Fear & Anxiety Now:

CTRN’s VIP Program for Fear & Anxiety, working one-on-one with one of our experienced board-certified practitioners is the best choice if you need to overcome a strong case of fear & anxiety. The results of the program are excellent.

The VIP program will teach you how to stop and eliminate the patterns of thinking that trigger the fear, then develop powerful positive emotions to take its place.. More…

Recommended Primer & QuickStart:

Our Vanquish Fear & Anxiety Home Study Program is an excellent and very low-cost solution for milder cases of fear & anxiety, or where costs are a major concern. The program teaches many of the key techniques we use to overcome all kinds of fears, and has been used by countless phobia sufferers worldwide.

Also useful:

Free Resources on this website. With a problem of this severity, you will almost certainly need more help, but the techniques described can help, especially as things start to get better.

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