Vanquish Fear & Anxiety

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This download comes in several parts. They are ALL contained in a single file that you will download called ‘’.

In most cases clicking on the link below will simply download to your hard drive. The first thing to do if it doesn’t open once it has downloaded is to search your computer for the file – it should be around 230 megs in size (if it is less, you have downloaded the complete file.

When you ‘Unzip’ you will see a set of folders and files.
(For help with unzipping see “How To Unzip a .ZIP File” below).

The complete unzipped package includes:


A booklet in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app here).

MP3 Audio Program Files

This is a folder which contains the entire audio program. These are the files for dragging into iTunes for transfer to your iPod, or for loading onto another MP3 player.

Workbook & Other Docs

Contains the workbook (print it out right away) and bonus materials in PDF format.

Please note: Because of the size of this program it must first be downloaded to a regular computer, then transfered to your mobile device. iPods, iPads, Kindles etc are great for listening to Vanquish Fear & Anxiety but download onto your computer first.

  Click Here to Download (230 Meg)  

Your computer will download the file from

(open it only when completely downloaded)

Problems Downloading? You need a fast internet
connection or plenty of time. The file is 230 Meg:

Estimated Download Times

  • Dial-Up (56k): 10 hours
  • DSL (256k): 2 hours
  • Cable (1.5Mbps): 20 mins
  • FiOS (15Mbps): 2 mins

Please note we can not give technical support for operating systemns, computers, browsers, iPod, iTunes, MP3 players, installation, sound cards and so on. Please contact the appropriate party if you need help.

How To Unzip a .ZIP File


On Mac, just double-click on the file
you downloaded. It will unzip automatically and create a folder named Vanquish
which contains everything you need.


Windows XP and Vista, unzip support is built-in. First, double-click
on the .zip file
to open it up.

In the window that opens, click Extract all files.

The Extraction Wizard will open. Click Next to continue.

From the Select a Destination dialog, select the location where you want the folder to be placed (by default this will be in a subfolder of the folder the .zip file is in). Then click Next to extract the files.

Make sure Show extracted files is checked, and then click Finish. The unzipped files will appear in a new window.