Perfectionism is Really Stupid!

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article{padding-left:0px;width:100%;} .metahead {display:none;} .entry-content{padding-left:0;margin-left:0px} .pl-new-loop{padding:left:0px;} What do I mean by Perfectionism is Stupid! ? It certainly is NOT that you shouldn’t strive to be the best speaker that you can be on stage. What I mean is that anxious energy put into trying to make anything absolutely perfect is counterproductive. The truth is, if [...]

Go BIG or Go Home…

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httpvh:// This lesson is critical for anyone appearing in front of an audience. What’s great is that the same technique that will really help your performance will also significantly impact any stage fright or performance anxiety you might have experienced. It’s all about ‘filling the room’ – making sure that when you speak you reach [...]

Go to Bed Already.

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httpvh:// It sounds so obvious but actually getting enough sleep is one of the best things you can do to reduce anxiety in general and performance anxiety / stage fright in particular. Now, I understand that sometimes it isn’t easy – but sometimes it is. I can’t count the times I’ve been at a seminar [...]

Success Scenarios: Determine How it will Go in Advance

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httpvh:// One of the most powerful techniques for improving your experience of speaking on stage or speaking in public is to design what we call a success scenario. This is a technique that we use very powerfully with our clients and had great feedback on their personal results. So what is a success scenario? Basically [...]