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Resources for
"Vanquish Fear & Anxiety"
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Missing CD or Workbook?

It sounds incredible, but 90% of the time someone calls us about a missing CD or workbook, its because they haven't opened the both halves of the box. There are two CDs in one half, and a third CD and the workbook in the other... so check carefully there.

If you really can't find it, you can still start immediately on the program, as you can download a copy of the workbook. then listen online to CD #1. Then if you still need a copy send an email to including information such as your name, address and when you purchased the program.

Need Extra Help or Coaching? Help is just a phone call away. If its a quick question, we're more than happy to answer it free of charge. More extensive coaching carries a fee. The important thing is to get over the fear, so do whatever it takes!

Workbook: Download a copy of the Vanquish Fear & Anxiety Workbook.

Feedback: Please let us have your feedback on the program. We love to hear from you.

CD #1 of Vanquish Fear & Anxiety in Just 24 Hours: This page contains all the audio of CD1. Please note that you must have a computer with a fast internet connection, the ability to play sound and your web browser will need to have FLASH™ installed (most browsers already do). Click here now to install FLASH™ if you need it. (Sorry, we can't provide technical support to help get Flash or the sound card working on your computer.)

Rebate: This is the place to go if you qualify for a rebate on your purchase.

Returns & Refunds: We hope you never need to... this is the place to go if you think you shouldn't keep the product.