VIP Program in Detail

What are the Details?

Over several intensive sessions, we’ll take you through processes that allow you to ‘re-wire’ the connections in your mind that linked mother-in-law to fear.

We can schedule your sessions in the evenings and weekends, so you can easily tackle this around your working day

You will be assigned an experienced practitioner for sessions lasting around an hour and a half, every few days

Between sessions, you will practice what you’ve learned and communicate details of your progress to your practitioner, along with any questions or requests you may have.

Your Practitioner will fine tune your exercises until you have absolutely nailed the problem.

What’s the Fine Print?

There’s no fine print as such – but it is important to realize that you are the only person who can make an important change in your life.

The techniques that we use are proven and powerful, but can only be guaranteed to work in an individual committed to their own success.

How Does this Program Work?

The mother-in-law phobia (pentheraphobia) is caused by the mind ‘accidentally’ connecting the fear response – which was designed to keep us safe millions of years ago – to something that does not represent a clear and present danger today.

The VIP Mother-in-Law Phobia Program™ works by guiding you through a series of simple, enjoyable processes that rapidly :

  • Break the old mistaken connections in the mind linking mother-in-law to fear
  • Create new neural associations to positive (or at least neutral) feelings

Who is the Mother-in-Law Phobia VIP Program™ For?

This program is for you if

  • You are Pentheraphobic
  • It is a serious issue for you AND
  • You are seriously committed to overcoming it.

You do have to consider it a ‘very important problem’ and be fully committed to overcoming it fast. That’s the crucial ingredient for success.

Despite what some people in this business will tell you about their ‘magic’ programs, the truth is that only you can overcome the fear – no-one else and certainly no program can do it for you.

That said, the processes you are going to learn are surprisingly simple and enjoyable, and the results are often very fast.

What’s the Process?

You’re always a ‘VIP’ with us – you’ll receive the same treatment as the athletes, politicians, senior executives, musicians we work with all the time.

Your consultant will combine a unique combination of processes into a program customized for you.

So it is a simple 5 step process:

  1. Decide to engage in this program
  2. Complete some simple paperwork – including a short diagnostic questionnaire we use to understand the problem.
  3. Go over the detailed history of the problem with your consultant.
  4. Engage in a series of processes that allow your mind to release the old neurological links between mother-in-law and intense fear, and build new associations to emotions like calm and confidence.
  5. Notice that you now feel fine about mother-in-law.

Preparing Ahead

The best way for you to prepare for this program is carefully to go over the materials we will send you when you register for the program.

There’s a little bit of reading to do, certainly, but the most important preparation is the decision to fully engage in the process. Everything we’ll ask you to do is surprisingly easy and for maximum speed and effectiveness you need to apply yourself 100% during the process.

Proof of Effectiveness

We believe there’s only one proof that matters: the results our clients get.

Our reputation is such that many top companies and public figures come to us for help. Most, understandably, prefer privacy.

But some have been kind enough to tell their stories:

Read & See the Experiences of journalists from Men’s Health, NBC and CN8 – The Comcast Network.

Read Client Testimonials (you may want to print it out, there’s a lot of them).

Can you Guarantee That?

Yes we can, and we do. In summary we guarantee that provided you are completing the simple steps you agree to as part of the program, we will work with you until the problem is done – and you can call us at any time in the future. (More…)

What Happens Now?

First, dial (800) 669-2426 toll-free (USA +1 650 249 5120 from overseas).

We’ll discuss your situation with you to determine if this is the program you need.

If we choose to work together, the journey will likely be short and teamwork is critical. We are looking for clients who are prepared to take a serious problem seriously and get rid of this once and for all.

To be successful, you will need to be committed, determined and the kind of person who takes responsibility for their own results.

If not, we can’t help.

Once we decide we’re right for each other things can move quickly, subject to your schedule and our availability.

Next, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire. It won’t take long; but it is a critical diagnostic tool to help us understand what is going on and to help you achieve the fastest, most permanent results.

Complete Program: $2,497

It is a fixed fee and that price is standard for all but more complicated cases.

Lifetime Guarantee: We work with you until you are satisfied, and you can call us for further help any time.

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