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Chrematophobia, chrometophobia, and fear of money

Need Help?

Chrematophobia is called by quite a few different names. Follow the link for the name that sounds right to you.


Treatment Options

CTRN specializes in Chrematophobia and related fears, anxiety and phobias. We offer two proven programs:

Chrematophobia Causes & Symptoms

There can be a variety of causes and symptoms of chrematophobia. To learn more follow one of the links above.

Drugs & Medication

Prescribed drugs and medications for Chrematophobia are, we believe, a poor substitute for an approach that gets to the core of the fear. (That said, please always follow a doctors advice with any meds).

The root cause of being Chrematophobic is an unconscious mental association that links money to powerful feelings of fear. Meds can mask that link, but can never break it. (That’s what we help you do).

Discover more about chrematophobia, its causes and cures, follow one of these links: