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Fear of the dutch: Understanding & Solutions

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What do you call Dutchphobia? Click the common name that sounds right to you:


Treatment: Two Choices

The long-term solution to extreme fear of the dutch isn’t just to get rid of the ‘surface’ – the dutchphobic symptoms. You need to get to the root of the problem, the patterns of thinking that consciously or unconsciously are always behind the fear.

Causes & Symptoms

There can be a variety of causes and symptoms of dutchphobia. To learn more follow one of the links above.

Medications & Prescribed Drugs

We strongly believe that drugs are not a good solution for any dutchphobia/medication-and-drugs/”>drugs and medications for Dutchphobia.

They may produce a short-term improvement by masking symptoms, but never tackle the core problem of the overwhelming automatic fear response to the dutch.

To learn more about overcoming dutchphobia permanently, without drugs, follow one of these links: