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Fear of the french people: Understanding & Solutions

Getting Help

Different people call Francophobia by different names. To learn more, click on whichever name is closest to the one you use.



CTRN specializes in Francophobia and related fears, anxiety and phobias. We offer two proven programs:

Causes & Francophobic Symptoms

There can be a variety of causes and symptoms of francophobia. To learn more follow one of the links above.

Drugs & Medication

We strongly believe that drugs are not a good solution for any francophobia/medication-and-drugs/”>drugs and medications for Francophobia.

Meds may seem to help in the short-term by ‘covering’ the symptoms, but the problem is that they can never cure the core issue of the fearful patterns of thinking that are the automatic reaction to the french people.

To learn more about overcoming francophobia permanently, without drugs, follow one of these links: