Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the VIP one on one Program cost?

The price is always fixed prior to you starting the program and is always fair. In many cases we are able to work for our basic fee of $2497. In more complex cases, however, where the case history or problem itself is unusually complicated then we may agree a different fee.

How many sessions are there?

Because each person is different there is no set number of sessions. We continue to work with you until you are completely free from your anxiety and fear – that is our guarantee.

Do you have a Practitioner or Office in my area?

We do have offices in several locations however that is generally not important as the most effective way we have found to work with our clients is by phone. We want to set you up with a world expert – someone who’s worked successfully with hundreds, maybe thousands of people just like you. That world expert may not be down the road from you, but they are just a phone call away.

How will I know this is working?

By the way you start to feel about your fear. It’s as simple as this really. How do you know you have the fear? Everyone is different, but if you know you have the problem, then you will soon start to notice that it has gone.

My schedule is busy. Are you flexible with the times?

Our Practitioners generally start at 5:00 PM EST everyday and work long into the evening. We also have a few early morning sessions available.

Are you doctors?

No. Doctors are amazing, but they are not well equipped to handle the problems in which we specialize. Doctors generally only know the traditional approaches to phobias – medication (which merely temporarily masks the problem) or talk therapy (very, very, very slow and not always very effective) or exposure therapy (which can both be be ineffective and make matters worse).

All of our Practitioners have their masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy and are accredited with the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy. These methods have proven over the last three decades to be the most effective permanent solution to extreme fear.

Will my insurance cover this?

Please, don’t get us started. Your insurance will pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime for drugs to mask this problem, but not the far, far smaller investment to solve it permanently. Go figure.

Do I have to pay the fee all at once?

We do offer a payment plan of 3 payments, but we are phobia experts and not money lenders so most clients choose to use their credit card and pay that off over time.

When do I have to Pay for this.

Once you are set up into your first session we will run the card for the cost of the program.

What other options do you have for payment.

There are many options. You can use any major credit card, Paypal, do a wire transfer, mail a cheque or money order.

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