Halloween Horror – Top Phobia Website Groans Under 7000% Traffic Spike for Fear of Halloween Phobias

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Halloween Horror – Top Phobia Website Groans Under 7000% Traffic Spike for Fear of Halloween Phobias

Contrary to common belief, phobias of all kinds can now easily be overcome. Yet every year, the phobia team at CTRN sees a huge spike in traffic for frightful ‘Frankensteinian’ phobias…

New York, NY – October 27, 2010 (via PressReleasePivot.com) — With just days before our fearless youth take to the streets to trick or treat, one of the nation’s leading authorities on overcoming fears and phobias has revealed a terrifying surge in visits to their website for fears and phobias related to the traditionally spooky and scary holiday.

“Most of the year we’re helping folks quickly overcome common but serious cases of things like Fear of Flying or Driving, Stage Fright or Performance Anxiety,” explains Seymour Segnit, Founder and President of CTRN ( http://CTRN.com ) which means ‘Change That’s Right Now’. “But look at our web traffic each October and you’d think everyone on the planet had gone… well, insane!”

While you might imagine Halloween Fears to include: Fear of Flying, Witches and Stage Fright (or reluctance to ask strangers for candy!), a quick look at CTRN’s web site logs for the past week shows a complete range of Halloween Horrors:

Phobia of Halloween, Fear of Ghosts, Fear of Blood, Fear of Frogs, Fear of the Dark, Fear of Witches, Spider Phobia, Boogeyman Phobia, Fear of Death, Fear of Demons, Fear of the Moon, Fear of Mice, Fear of Lightning, and the ever-popular year-round favorite – Fear of The Great Mole Rat!

On a serious note, there are many for whom real phobias completely spoil Halloween. Social Phobia stops countless kids from trick or treating, or makes it miserable for them if they do. Masks are terrifying for many, and emetophobia (fear of vomiting) and other illness phobias keep thousands behind locked doors. CTRN can and has eliminated the most severe cases, no matter how unusual they seem.

“One year we had a client who had ‘Fear of the Devil’, really ” explains Segnit. “A serious man – like many of our clients, a very senior executive of a Fortune 500 company – and each day he’d sit at his desk terrified that the devil was looking at him from the corner of the room. ‘It’s the eyes’ he kept saying: we made quick work of getting him free.”

For anyone with a genuine Halloween Phobia, CTRN’s Totally NOT Haunted Halloween Home Page is at: http://CTRN.com/Fear-of-Halloween/ . Folks with persistent problems like Presentation Anxiety, Stage Fright and Fear of Public Speaking can visit http://CTRN.com/Fear-of-Public-Speaking/ where CTRN offers two proven programs to rapidly overcome fear:

1: The ‘VIP’ program is a short series of intensive sessions with a specially trained practitioner who directs clients quickly through the processes, allowing them to be phobia free in just days.

2: ‘Vanquish Fear & Anxiety’ is a program available on CDs or via download. It includes many of the steps and the two most powerful techniques used by the practitioners, but at a significantly lower cost.

“Overcoming any fear is actually very simple,” explains Mr. Segnit. “For most people it’s just a case of making the decision that you deserve – and will invest the time and money – to live without the terrible feelings. The rest is easy, and surprisingly good fun.”

About CTRN:
CTRN: Change That’s Right Now was founded in 2002 to help people rapidly vanquish fear of public speaking, stage fright, and other fears, phobias and anxieties. With customers in over 70 countries around the globe, CTRN is recognized as one of the leading organizations in the world and serves clients from stay at home moms to Fortune 500 executives. CTRN has developed a deserved reputation of discreet help for serious fears and phobias.
CTRN can be reached at 800-828-7484 (+1-650-249-5120) or online at http://www.ChangeThatsRightNow.com

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