The Rick Sanchez Show: CTRN on NBC

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The Rick Sanchez Show: CTRN on NBC

CTRN President Seymour Segnit appears as the expert guest on NBC’s Rick Sanchez Show Phobia Edition.


Notice Mr Sanchez’s opening words:

“I can attest to the fact that this man can help you”

Rick Sanchez, Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

The back story is this. Before the show, Mr Segnit took Mr Sanchez through some of the processes CTRN uses in the Vanquish Fear & Anxiety audio program and the One-on-One VIP Program .

Mr Sanchez did not divulge for what personal issue(s) he used for the processes (and client confidentiality means that we would never report it without express permission anyway). But it is fair to report that he immediately noticed dramatic changes – as he refers to here – and got in touch many months later to report that the shifts were massive and permanent.