Two Emmy® Award-Winning Journalists Agree

Because of the reputation we have for working with professionals with serious problems (see our ‘VIP Program for Phobia Of Metal‘), we are often called upon by the media to help uncover the truth about fears & phobias.

CTRN's Vanquish Program on Two TV Shows

One-on-One with Steve AdubatoThe Rick Sanchez Show

"I can attest…  
This Man Can Help You"

The Rick Sanchez Show Phobia Special

Featured as the guest phobia expert on NBC’s Rick Sanchez Show program creator Seymour Segnit helped a guest quickly get over some serious fears.

Host Rick Sanchez a former CNN & MSNBC host and Emmy® Award-winning journalist -experienced the techniques for himself before the show, with remarkable results.

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"This can
Turn Your Life Around"

One-on-One with Steve Adubato

Steve Adubato, host of "One on One" – like Rick Sanchez an Emmy® Award-winning journalist – became overwhelmed with anxiety, and chose Vanquish Fear & Anxiety after researching our program on the web.

He was so impressed with the results he experienced with Vanquish Fear & Anxiety he dedicated an entire show to the program.

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