Vanquish Fear & Anxiety

Track-by-Track Details

Here’s the rundown on the program. Use it in a clear, focused and determined frame of mind to put phobia of metal behind you forever…

CD One

CD One is an entertaining, fast-paced introduction to the principles underlying rapid change. CTRN President Seymour Segnit gives you the background and lays the foundations you need to Vanquish Fear & Anxiety:

CD 1-01   Welcome
Seymour welcomes you to this extraordinary program

CD 1-02   Program Outline
Build a crystal-clear picture of how this program will help you to change

CD 1-03   Getting the Best Perspective
Discover how to change your mind's 'perspective' in order to change how you feel about people, objects, events, circumstances

CD 1-04   24 Hour Program
Learn how you can make dramatic change in just 24 hours - and your role in the program

CD 1-05   What You'll Need
Pen, Paper and... one more vital resource. It's free, you (probably) don't use it enough, and it's a simple tool for changing how you feel, in seconds

CD 1-06   Focus & Physiology
Uncover the secrets of managing the way the way you feel at any moment through conscious and unconscious focus (what you are thinking about) and your physiology (how you are using your body)

CD 1-07   Total Responsibility
Accept responsibility for everything – including things you thought were someone else's fault – and everything changes!

CD 1-08   What are Resources?
You already have EVERYTHING you need to overcome fear and anxiety – learn about the secret resources you've always had which you can start to tap now

CD 1-09   Permission to Go For It!
With your permission, Vanquish Fear & Anxiety will take you to places of understanding you've never been before

CD 1-10   Negative Emotions
Now learn for the first time how negative emotions about the past can be transformed

CD 1-11   Self-Scoring Where you are Now
Quickly review where you are before the major change starts – so you know just how much progress you made after committing to the program

CD 1-12   The Focus & Physiology of Fear
Learn precisely how you used to create fear – the exact 'recipe' you used - and how to change the mixture for good!

CD 1-13   What is a Phobia?
When is it a Fear? When is it a Phobia? Does it matter?

CD 1-14   Typical Causes of Phobias
Discover how phobias are triggered... some startling information you won't have heard before

CD 1-15   Summary
Now you are ready to change. A quick summary to get you ready for CDs 2 & 3...

CD Two

CD Two unveils your nervous system's best kept secret. Anchoring is your natural, in-built ability to link powerful emotions (positive or negative)to pretty much anything.

Anchoring is the reason why a certain piece of music or a smell can bring feelings and memories flooding back. Now, you will learn how to use this natural ability at will to transform your feelings about anything you fear.

CD 2-01   Introduction to Anchoring
Discover this critical powerful part of your nervous system... a faculty you have already used, inadvertently, every day of your life.

CD 2-02   State
The way you respond to anything and everything depends on your state. Now learn to master it.

CD 2-03   What is Anchoring?
What exactly is Anchoring and how does it work? Learn with precision when your nervous system is creating and using anchors

CD 2-04   Stimulus Types
Learn the six different ways you can trigger an anchor, instantaneously changing how you feel

CD 2-05   Learning How to Anchor
Seymour unveils the very best way to create a powerful anchor which you can use to transform any situation

CD 2-06   The Keys to Great Anchoring
Discover the 5 keys to using anchoring successfully, and with great precision and ease

CD 2-07   Building your Resource Anchor
There's no limit to the number of anchors you can create – learn how an all-purpose resource anchor is the best place to start

CD 2-08&09   Anchoring Powerful, Centered & Strong
Seymour guides you carefully through your first anchoring session, starting with the feeling of being Powerful, Centered and Strong

CD 2-10   Anchoring Calm
Do you remember a time when you felt incredibly calm and peaceful? Learn how to tap into those important emotions whenever you wish

CD 2-11   Resource Anchor Development
Learn a series of important, unique distinctions on how to maximize the effectiveness of your anchor

CD 2-12   Anchoring Excitement
You know that tingly feeling of excitement before something great is going to happen? That's right – from here on, you will be able to elicit that same feeling whenever you want

CD 2-13   Pattern Interrupt
Bonus Distinction: How every repeated behavior – including reacting to something with fear - is simply a pattern, like a DVD that plays the same way each time. What if you can learn to scratch your unwanted DVDs so they won't play any more?

CD 2-14   Anchoring Love
Can you think of a better feeling to have available at will, to use when you most need to flood your senses with positive emotions?

CD 2-15   Anchoring Laughter
What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you? How do you feel when you remember it?

CD 2-16   Using your Resource Anchor
Now you have a powerful anchor you can build and use any time you want to transform how you feel about almost anything. Uncover how to use it, and when

CD 2-17   Anchoring Summary
Just the most important details: anchoring in a highly motivating nutshell

CD Three

CD Number Three teaches you one of the most powerful techniques ever devised for rapid change. Time Line Therapy™ techniques allow you to release the negative emotions associated with past events quickly and permanently, so you can feel good about today and tomorrow. If you feel any level of anger or fear when you think about the past, you MUST listen to this CD...

CD 3-01   Time Line Therapy™
You are about to learn about Time Line Therapy from a master – one of the leading authorities in the field

CD 3-02   The Key to our Emotions
What are the keys to how we feel about past events? Why do some memories and feelings seem dim and distant (and unimportant), while others - even those that happened years ago - seem so vivid and charged with emotions?

CD 3-03   How Time Line Therapy Works
Seymour details how this simple technique will enable you – as it has hundreds of thousands of others – to change the way you feel about the past & the future

CD 3-04   The Unconscious Mind
Your unconscious (or 'subconscious') mind accounts for most of your brainpower, and governs the way you feel and act about most areas of your life! Learn more about how your unconscious filters and distorts your experiences, and how to put yourself firmly in the driving seat

CD 3-05   Trust – Your Unconscious – Mind
And when you do ... all kinds of new things are now possible!

CD 3-06   The Time Line
Learn how your mind is storing 'time'– your personal perception of the past and the future

CD 3-07   Finding Your Time Line
All your life your mind has been using your Time Line to keep your past and your future 'organized'. Now discover exactly where your Time Line is

CD 3-08   How you Store Past Memories
Understand exactly how your mind stores memories. Discover the difference between memories with powerful negative emotions and those that just seem fine

CD 3-09   Experiencing your Time Line
Experience for the first time the crucial mental process that allows you to transform your feelings about your past and your future

CD 3-10   Time Line Therapy for Anger
Feelings of anger about the past serve no purpose. Lean how – in a few extraordinary minutes – you can learn to release them. If you feel any anger about your past and you desire a brighter, better-feeling future, you must listen to this

CD 3-11   Time Line Therapy for Fear
Fear, of course, is the key emotion snarled up in most phobias. TLT for Fear is the quickest way we know to release feelings of fear ... fast, and for good

CD 3-12   Time Line Therapy for Specific Past Events
Discover how you can use the same simple technique to release intense feelings about an individual event at any time in your past – even a traumatic one

CD 3-13   Using Time Line Therapy for the Future
Now that you have mastered the concepts and techniques of  Time Line Therapy, learn how you can use them in seconds to eliminate inappropriate worries about future events

CD 3-14   Time Line Therapy for Anxiety
Pick something in the future about which you feel anxious... then notice how the feeling of anxiety is gone in less than a minute

CD 3-15   Time Line Therapy Summary
The key points of Time Line Therapy, expertly summarized in 80 seconds

CD 3-16   Program Summary
Seymour bids farewell (for now), urges you to take your life to the next level, and encourages to share what you've learned in just 24 hours ...

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